Eating chocolate mindfully

chocolate mindulness

Alone with a piece of chocolate.

Trying to eat it in a way we have never done before…

As if we did not know what kind of object it is, what we have in our hands right now.

Handling it with our fingers…

Handling it with curiosity, and respect.

Is it soft, is it hard? What texture does it have…? Is it smooth, is it rugged? Is it sticky…?

How does it look, what shape does it have, what colour is it…?

Does it have any smell?

What happens when we put it close to our ear? Does it make any sound by itself…? How does it sound when we rub it against the skin of our ear…?

We can pass it gently along our lips. What sensations are we having right now…? Is it starting to melt already…?

Now, we proceed to put it inside our mouth, and start playing with it with our tongue.

What taste does it have…? Sweet, sour, salty? A mix…?

Is it cold, is it warm?

Do we let it melt in our mouth, or do we start biting it with our teeth…?

Are we aware of what happens while we are swallowing it…?

The object is not in our mouth any more. Is anything left there…? A flavour, a particular sensation, something we cannot describe, or just nothing at all…?

What type of experience has it been…?

Has it been different from other times when we’ve eaten chocolate on our own, with family, with friends, with a lover, with our partner…?

As occurred in the exercise with the raisin, this is an example of what happens when we step out of automatic pilot, which we are in quite often in our lives.

When we put awareness and full attention into what we are doing at the present moment, a whole new world of sensations opens to us.

Welcome to the challenge.