Let’s have a mindful shower…!

mindful shower

How many times have you had a shower in your life?

It´s something we do practically every day, perhaps even more than once… Usually alone, sometimes with someone special…

But, are we really aware of what we´re doing when we step into the shower…?

As with many things that we do on a daily basis, it frequently turns into a mechanical act, something we do while we´re immersed in our thoughts, trapped in our routines, lost in our inner world.

Why should we keep on going like this…?

Let´s try another approach to things, another approach to life.

Let´s be curious, let´s be bold.

Why don´t we give it a twist, why don’t we experiment with it?

I invite you to shower as if it was the only thing that mattered, the only thing that existed in this world.
Suspended in time, no past no future, just the now… Our naked body, and the water… Like a conversation, even like a dance… Nothing else exists…

Gazing at the water flowing out of the shower head

Feeling the water sliding down from head to toe… Water droplets travelling down our skin, caressing the surface of our body…

Feeling the touch of our hands applying soap to our skin, soap mixed with water cleansing every inch of our body.

Noticing the temperature of the water, adjusting it to our preference, and just sensing how it feels.

Listening to the sound of water splashing against the walls, against the floor, against ourselves.

Smelling the scent of our body, smelling the scent of the soap.

Tasting the water in our mouth…

No thinking, no worrying, no planning.

No other thing exists in this very moment.

Just our wet naked body and the water.