Other MBSR Programs

MBSR Group by Lothar Bielke and Maria Martinez Alonso. Lausanne, Switzerland. French, English and German.
Carola Garcia Diaz. Madrid, Spain. Spanish.
Jorge Dana, Paris, France. French, Spanish and English.

2This Mindfulness Course led by Manuel has been an authentic experience for me, as I had never experienced these incredible sensations of living mindfully in the present moment. Both the practice of sitting meditation and the body scan are really helping me to appreciate my feelings, thoughts and states of mind more intensely and more consciously.
I would never had imagined that the fact that this is an activity for gay men would be so pleasant, as one can feel this special and unique energy that only us gay men can give off. There is an atmosphere of connection, peace and wellness among us, that makes it highly recommendable for any gay man.
I wanted to say a few words about Manuel Grau, who is our teacher and guide in this course. He is an extraordinary person, and admirable for his work in this field. He carries it out with skill, reliability and much professionalism. Each session is taught masterfully, making us discover the message with ease and confidence.
Roberto, 29