Sitting meditation


Sitting meditation mindfulness

Finding some time for oneself…

What a difficult thing to do in a fast-paced world like the one we live in…

We all deserve some time for us. Time in which we will not be disturbed. No phone, no interruptions, just ourselves.
It is not easy. There are always other things to do. The current in which we are all immersed is too strong…

In order to get some consistency and commitment, effort and discipline may be needed.

At the beginning it can be just five minutes. Five minutes to start with.

We can sit indoors or outdoors. We can sit on the floor, on a cushion, or on a chair. Sitting in an upright position, in a dignified posture.

We can place our hands on our lap, or on our thighs, whatever feels best for us.

We start by focusing our attention on our breathing. Breathing in, and breathing out. Feeling our abdomen how it expands with the in breath, and how it retracts with the out breath.

Nothing else exists. Just the breathing. The air going in and out.

All kind of thoughts will try to capture our attention. Thoughts, feelings, emotions… It’s okay. No guilt, no judgments. Just being aware of it, and going back to our breathing.

Once more, our mind starts wandering… Just being conscious of it, and gently returning our attention to the breathing.

It is not a struggle, nor a competition with one self or others.

It is an encounter with the now, with the present moment, with ourselves.

All of a sudden, we realize that the time is over. We may have the feeling that our mind has been wandering all the time. That we haven’t done it right, that something has failed, that this was not made for us…

We may feel discouraged, or even disappointed.

No expectations here… Just letting things flow, trusting, experiencing the experience…

Whatever it might be, wherever it may lead us…

As John Kabat Zinn says: “Try for a few years and see what happens…”.