Retreat and Meditation Centers

Specific retreats for Gay men or for the GLTBQ community

The following centers or organizations hold retreats for gay men or for the gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual and queer (GLTBQ) Community:


Insight Meditation Center in California. Once a year they hold a silent meditation retreat for the GLTBQ community.

Insight Meditation Center in Massachusetts, U.S.A. They hold silent meditation retreats for the GLTBQ community.
Insight Meditation Center in New York state , U.S.A. They organize meditation retreats for the GLTBQ community.
Findhorn Foundation is a holistic and spiritual community in Scotland, United Kingdom. They hold periodic retreats and events specifically for the GLTBQ community.
North American organization that organizes occasional meditation retreats for gay men.
• Ian Dixon
Annual meditation retreat for Gay men organized by Ian Dixon in Kent, United Kingdom.


2For me, the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR) has been a great discovery. A revealing experience that changed my life right from the start. The fact that we all are gay men creates a relaxing feeling of togetherness that makes learning and acknowledging much easier. Manuel is a wonderful teacher and friend, who knows how to perfectly convey everything he has been learning and made his own from the Mindfulness universe during the past few years. He has great sensitivity and enthusiasm, as well as a great talent to guide and manage the group. You are lucky if you are able to attend and enjoy this course.
Hans, 53